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LUKE 11 - An Outline In Time Of Prayer

Luke 11

Prayer model (v.1-4)
    a. Pray to the Father
    b. Seek the honor of His Name through answered prayer
    c. His Name is honored when His kingdom is in place ruling over our lives and over all the earth.
    d. Pray for provision of revelation concerning His kingdom, His will, His purposes and His grace [empowerment] to do what pleases Him.
    e. Repent for sins committed that have offended the Father.  Ask for forgiveness and receive it because we have honored Him by forgiving other's offenses against us [as He has willed].    
    f. Pray for the grace to not yield to any temptation of the enemy so that we won't offend the Father and bring disharmony to our relationship.

Further teaching on prayer - be persistent and you will receive what you ask for  (v.5-10)

Relating to the Father's heart, the One you are praying to (v.11-13)
    a. He is good.
    b. He won't give you anything that will harm or hurt you.
    c. He won't mock you by giving you something far from what you are asking for.

Prayer manifests results in demonstration of power (v.14)

God's power in you attracts critics (v.15) 

God's power in you attracts mockers (v.16)

God's power in you attracts attacks from a religious spirit (v.17-19)

Manifest answered prayer [tearing down strongholds] is evidence that the kingdom of God has come [don't wait for the millennium] (v.20)

Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world (v.21-22)

You are commissioned to bring about the kingdom of God, so get out there! (v.23)

The dangers of being complacent [backsliding] (v.24-26)
No one is more blessed than you if you do what you hear [from the Word of God] (v.27-28)

The world has not changed.  They refuse to believe and demand a miraculous sign before they will believe.  
The only sign given to them is you [translated from spiritual death into eternal life] telling them that the kingdom of God is at hand (v.29-30)

Don't worry if they refuse you.  The fact that they refuse to repent is only evidence of pending judgment (v.31-32)

God is the Father of light & in Him there is no darkness (James 1:7).  Jesus is the true light sent who lights every man (John 1:9)
The Father has not revealed the Son of the kingdom to you only to hide the power of the kingdom from you (v.33)

Self examination - beware of an unbelieving evil heart (v.34-36)

Warning and condemnation for those who have a spirit of religion (v.37-45)
     a. If you really want Jesus to move in your life, and you invite Him in, let Him do things His way.  He knows what He's doing (v.37-38)
     b. If you're looking for a 3-4 point sermon solution, get over it.  Jesus is more concerned about " what's inside of you" than "what you do" (39-40)
     c. If you refuse to humble yourself, then practice what you preach and you will clean (v.41)
     d. First things first.  If you are going to adhere to the law, then love the Lord God & love your neighbor as yourself (v.42)
     e. The respect of men will not heal the devastation due to lack of intimacy with God (v.43-44)
     f. Jesus is a rock of offense if you disobey and refuse to believe [1 Peter 2:7-8] (v.45)
     g. Shame on you for teaching the law instead of demonstrating the Gospel and kingdom of God with power (v.46)
     h. You say you're not like the Israelites who resisted God, but you imitate their acts (v.47-48)
      i. The judgment of a religious spirit will be rewarded to all who share in its folly (v.49-51)
      j. You will never enter the kingdom of God and you are hindering others as well (v.52)
      k. Your angry response to the kingdom only confirms the power that religious spirit [Pharisee spirit] has over you (v.53-54)



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