Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Message of God's Love & The Witness of His Tangible Presence

"And although Abel is long dead,
he still speaks to us because of his faith". [Hebrews 11:4b]

This is a word to those wonderful people who participated in the Modern Day Psalmist Nite event on December 18th, 2010. That night was an incredible night of God's presence that was felt not only in that alley at Glendale Glitters, but it permeated throughout downtown. I cannot express how grateful I am that the Lord challenged me to keep my vow. It was truly a miraculous night of signs and wonders. The testimonies continue on and the fruit of our labor is abundant.

This one thing the Lord has spoken to me this morning, i wish to relay to you, so that you to may get understanding. The passage above states that Abel's voice still speaks to us today. The offering he did not only went up to God, but was also directed towards us. His act of faith tells us that God is worthy to be praised. His faith is saying that we should offer God our best. We should believe Him and obey Him. More importantly, God reveals the incredible nature of our faith. It transcends time and location. Abel existed long before us and yet, his faith can be heard. He also did not dwell in the United States and yet, his faith is heard.

I say this to say that, what happened on December 18th, will resonate beyond that night. The tangible presence of God will continue to touch all who were there. The message of the love of God is still moving in the hearts of those who were within the vicinity of that event. This is no personal glory of ours. But in order to be mature and effective in our witness we must gain understanding less we miss opportunity for the miraculous in our lifetime.

Let me share some of the miracles.

Did you know that the sound from the performances carried in four directions? It could be heard as far north as the big LED Christmas tree, south to Glendale ave, west to 58th ave and east to 57th drive. When Preston was performing, there were people at the light on 57th drive that were bobbing their heads.
Gideon, the camera operator, said that when Jeanette was performing, he could feel the anointing through the camera.
Every time I stepped into A Shot Of Java, prayer tables were filled and people were being ministered to.
Two nights before the event when it rained and got biting cold, i got a call from Mary Ann. She voiced concerns that it would be too cold outside for them and that we may not have the Treasure Hunters joining us. I prayed to the Lord, that He would cause the temperature to be 68 degrees to 70 degrees in that alley. And what did we get? We had T-shirt weather.
We had several salvations and deliverances.
Many generous financial gifts given to people to show the love of God.
And my favorite is the presence of God that fell during the mime performance to "Oh How He Loves Us". It is reported that by many that everything stopped. Tears were falling. And the foot traffic on Glendale ave stopped at the entry of the alley. And even across the street on the other side of the heavy traffic on Glendale ave, the people stopped to peer across the cars and crowds to see what was going on in the alley.

"By faith" come to understand that God is not through ministering. The event has ended, but the power of His message of love is still moving and working miracles beyond what you can see. On December 19th, that event bore fruit with the salvation of a single parent mother. She almost didn't make it to the event. But when she arrived she was given food, money, and hope. All of this done by strangers. And then the following night at CFTN's Christmas gift giveaway, she brought her daughter to get a gift. She left with the gift of salvation. She boldly came to the altar with the other children to receive Jesus.

God bless you and thank you for being faithful. May the Lord encourage you to continue to look for more opportunities to get out of the church and into the culture to be a witness.



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