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Wisdom Is Offered To Everyone

Proverbs 3 is very profound and is in God's will for all to benefit from. It is a proverb that speaks of the great rewards in obtaining wisdom. Verse 13 summarizes the proverb by declaring that there is a blessing for the person who can find wisdom and gain understanding. It is also here, where many may stumble and miss the point.

Over the years as a believer, i have witnessed and experienced the deception that wisdom is something that is out of reach for most. It is some "thing" that God has hidden & only a few are given access to it. So, when some believers get caught up in watching Christian television and hear a speaker with wisdom, they feel inadequate. They feel that the only way they can glean is by going through that person. And that is not true.(Psalm 84:11). Wisdom is offered to all and proverbs 3 is just a small portion of proof.

Submitted below is a brief breakdown, not to be exhaustive, but to stir up your faith and feed your soul. As a believer in Christ, you are already blessed and therefore, He would not withhold His blessings from you. It is His will to make them available and attainable. So wise up! And in all your getting it is time for you to get understanding.(Prov 4:7)

Proverbs 3

v1 - simply put: You have a Bible, so read it and believe it. There is great wisdom available in just doing that. See 2Peter 1:1-4, and don't forget that "through the knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord" you have available benefits.

v2 - Oh look! A Bennie! = "added days and years and peace".

v3 - Wisdom Key: "kindness and truthfulness". Just settle it in your heart, "I have to pay attention how i act and i have to acknowledge when i act unbecomingly". This might line up with the character trait, "humility".

v4 - Benefit for kindness and truthfulness: FAVOR and REPUTATION with God (first) and man (second).

v5 - Wisdom Key: "Trust the Lord & quit relying on your own thinking". I have to admit, this one takes time, time, and more time. But God is good. He doesn't wait till you get to the 12th grade to celebrate. Kinda like America's public school system, you get mini graduation celebrations along the way. Yahoo!!! If you don't believe me, He will show you in a minute.

v6 - Wisdom principle w/ consequence: Kinda like the WWJD bracelet, but in real life. It may look like that conversation in your head, "Hmmm, should i or shouldn't I?" "Is that You Lord or is that me thinking this way again"? Either way, if you're honest and courageous, He will tighten those loose hinges so you know immediately whether to linger or get rid of it.

v7 - I laugh at this one, because this is for the person who tries to pretend they didn't hear God when they reasoned with the voice of the Lord in verse 6. God help us all not to stay in this play pen of life too long. He calls us to maturity. Verse 7 paraphrased: "Grow up. Stop playing with that pet sin. You can't tame a rattle snake. Hear what I said (coming from the Lord). Put it down & turn around".

v8 - When you heed that advice, trust me i know, because i have experienced both sides of that coin, it will be "healing to your body and refreshment to my bones". One of my testimonies is that i got chicken pox and the shingles when i was 30yrs old. It was the most painful week of my life. But when i was isolated from everyone, i did get to have another conversation with the Lord about a relationship He was telling me to let go. And guess what? I let it go when i recovered & i am the better for it. No regrets.

v9 - Wisdom key: Pay your tithes & offerings up front and "if you want what is best for you, sign over your rights to what remains". Ask Him manage it too. You can pay your tithes and still suffer trouble because of foolishness with the remaining income. Not only do i have the T-shirt, but i have many to sell in regards to this one. And I have lived on both sides of being in debt and I have been completely debt free (through obedience). Life is much better when He manages the funds. Like Charles Barkley said, "I may be wrong, but i doubt it".

v10 - Result to that wisdom key: plenty and anointing and favor. I have testimonies w/o the "moanies". There is life on the other side of the testing that is glorious. So glorious that you don't relive & dwell in the pains of what happened 10 - 15 yrs ago. Many times my family & i were homeless and yet we were never without a home. The Lord has put us up in several beautiful homes, in very expensive areas. In my christian experience i have had four cars given to me. He has supplied my needs out of His great treasures and He has allowed me to prosper in rough seasons.

v11-12: Here the Lord is giving us a time to breathe and say, "Look, don't get overwhelmed by what i just gave you. These wisdom keys are only the beginning, but if you just start it won't be as bad as you think. It looks like it will hurt a lot, and sometimes it will, but it is out of love for you. I want to you to have a peaceable life full of hope for the future.(Jeremiah 29:11)".

v13 - If we can believe that and not be offended by that, then we are blessed because we have discovered (gained wisdom in) His ways and actually understand.

v14-18: The results of having the mind of Christ (synonymous to verse 13)

a. Money can't buy what wisdom and understanding obtain through faith.

b. What wisdom and understanding produce on the inside is more precious than what you could ever wear on the outside.

c. Long days is another way of saying forbearance & patience. That is a commodity in our microwave/smartphone/fast food society. Anything of substance and value takes time to cultivate.

d. Yes! Wealth, Riches & Honor. That's what the "good book" said, so don't accompany it with a "bad thought".

e. Wisdom & understanding produce a peaceable life. You can't be easily shaken (psalm 62:2,6).

v18 - What sin cut off access to in the Garden is now given to us in the form of godly wisdom and understanding.

v19-20: More proof it is for everyone in Christ. It is foundation for existence.

v21 - The Father's encouragement for you to pursue & obtain

v22 - He is interested in your soul prospering as well as your spirit.

v23-24: More encouraging rewards for wisdom:

a. It produces upright living.

b. You can rest and not be full of fear.

v25-26: Wisdom key - Keep your peace and He will protect you.

v27-28: Wisdom Key - Just Do What You Know To Do

a. If you know you can, and you know you should, go for it. Be a blessing. Then you will see God deal with you in like manner.

v29 - Wisdom Key - Don't be two-faced.

a. This is especially aimed at gossipers. Gossips talk friendly to the face but stab repeatedly to the back. Not Christ-like. Get wisdom and in that, get a whole lot of understanding.

v30 - Wisdom Key - Do Not Quarrel (especially for no reason)

a. You ever take a pit bull that you didn't know by its ears? (Prov 26:17). Me neither, and i am not going to try. So think before you speak.

v31-32: Wisdom Key - Stay Free From Violent Temper. It Is An Abomination.

a. Genesis 6:11 - the reason for the flood was because of the corruption of the earth being filled with violence. Be careful what you entertain.

b. An aside for any christian youth, please please please avoid getting your life skills from reality TV. As 1 Cor 15:33 warns, "Bad company corrupts good character". A fool is a fool, on-air and off-air. Here's a piece of wisdom found in Ephesians 5:14 "Wake Up!" Read the rest it will be the medicine you need.

v33-35 Concluding with more rewards for wisdom

a. Blessings instead of curses.

b. Grace in the midst of correction.

c. Honor instead of dishonor.

If you got to this point then I thank you for reading it all the way through. I pray that the Lord has given you the insight you need to grab hold of this marvelous warfare weapon. Go pull down some strongholds (2Corin 10:4) and be fruitful in the righteousness that comes by faith. Be blessed as you discover His wisdom and gain understanding.


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