Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Work Is Not Over

I was surprised to see that this old blogger site had so many hits. Therefore, I wanted to let any old and new readers know that the work is not over. It has continued and I would like to direct you to the up-to-date work.


Last year, I got married to my beautiful wife and ministry partner, Rosemarie. We met at a Wednesday night service at The Encounter Community Church in Henderson, NV. It was the night when a group of Treasure Hunters were visiting from Bethel Church of Redding, CA.

At the end of that service, they set up a glory tunnel to pray for everyone. I remember sitting in the back row of the church after coming through the tunnel. I was just watching the crowd of people. I happened to see Rosemarie outside of the tunnel, speaking to Brooke. I had met Rosemarie before, but never paid any attention to her. I was not interested in dating or talking to any female. I recently returned to Las Vegas in July 2011, via Phoenix, Arizona, and was only interested in fulfilling the ministry calling.

As my eyes scanned the crowd, a word from the Lord, came to me for Rosemarie. So, as I pondered the word, she happened to look in my direction. I knew I had to deliver the word so I approached her and introduced myself. I only had one word. I asked her if she knew what the word, "recompense" meant? Later, she would reveal that she had only heard one other person use that word and it was Pastor Bill Winston from Chicago. So, with that word, I asked if I could pray that word over her. Then I left for the back of the church.

Later, I got another word, but it was in a vision. I saw her worshiping. She happened to look my way, so I motioned with my hand to have her come over. She came over. Now here is the discrepancy. In Rosemarie's version, she says that I said, "You're amazing". I don't recall that, however, I did say, "I don't think you sing, but I saw you worshiping. Do you flag"? She said that she just bought a pair of flags three days before. We began to talk and she shared about her anti child-trafficking ministry.

A few days later, I happened to see her name on facebook and I messaged her (cause I was curious about the word she received). We talked about her ministry and set up a meeting the following week to meet at University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) at an event called the Festival Of Communities. She was intending to pitch her organization in order to obtain another financial supporter (i.e., me). To make a long story short, we met at the event and spent the whole day together talking about ministry and our own personal journey in Christ. For some reason, I was compelled to drive her around Vegas to see every "altar-experience" location in my history as a Christian.

That was April 21, 2012. We got married August 25, 2012. And on April 20, 2013, we were able to go back to UNLV and participate as a ministry at the Festival Communities. The testimony can be found here

Since then, we have been working hard by the leading of the Holy Spirit to pursue our vision together in ministry.  Please take time to visit our websites.  And please be sure to "follow us" so that we can know who reading and listening.



Just in case I don't get the other blogs transferred over from WP, here is a link to the Soul Food Revival Series that continued after this site was discontinued.


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